Academic Honors & Prizes

  • 2015

    Excelsior School of Science

    Cum Laude

  • 2006 - 2008

    Wallace State College

    Honor Society

  • 2006 - 2008

    Wallace State College

    President’s List

  • 2008

    Wallace State College

    Summa Cum Laude

  • 2008

    Wallace State College

    Phi Theta Kappa

  • 2004 - 2006

    University of Alabama in Huntsville

    Academic Excellence Scholarship

  • 2004

    Bethel Baptist School


Education & Training

  • Certificate 2015

    Grant Writing Training & Certification

    Fort Hays State University

  • Certification 2015

    Medical Laboratory Scientist

    American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)

  • B.S. 2015

    B.S. in Biology

    Excelsior College

  • Certification 2008

    Medical Laboratory Technician

    American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)

  • A.A.S.2008

    A.A.S. Clinical Laboratory Technology

    Wallace State Community College

  • Clinicals2008

    Clinical Rotations

    Marshal Medical South, AL

Employment History

  • 2016- Present
    Freelance Writer
    I produce website copy and blog posts on various subjects that are often ghostwritten research pieces and medical articles. I also write lifestyle magazine and newspaper articles and engage with clients to promote their brand and products.
  • 2012 - 2016
    Maniilaq Association
    Provides information for patient diagnosis and treatment by performing laboratory tests in toxicology, chemistry, hematology, immunology, and microbiology laboratories; receiving, typing, testing, and recording blood bank inventories and specimens.
  • 2008-2011
    Decatur General Hospital
    Organizes work by matching computer orders with specimen labeling; sorting specimens; checking labeling; logging specimens; arranging reports for delivery; keeping work surfaces clean and orderly. Maintains quality results by running standards and controls, verifying equipment function through routine equipment maintenance and advanced trouble shooting; calibrating equipment utilizing approved testing procedures; monitoring quality control measures and protocols. Serves as technical resource by participating in staff training; answering questions of other professionals; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations. Identifies and communicates abnormal patient conditions by alerting supervisory personnel, the pathologist, the patient physician, or nurse; reporting mandated information to the public health department or other designated officials.

Research Personnel

Anna Godduhn, PhD

Researcher for Alaska Department of Fish & Game

Zach Stevenson

Subsistence Mapping Project Coordinator

Damian Satterthwaite-Phillips, PhD

Anthropologist and Data Analyst

Melainie Duckworth, MLS (ASCP)

Local Research Assistant - Kotzebue

Scientific medical writing requires a firm foundation in order to communicate effectively and accurately. I have developed a strong understanding of the medical sciences and a well-rounded writing ability to provide a comprehensive package for communication through the written word. Whether an essay or blog post is needed, I can adjust to fulfill the role.

Reality check: Alabama ain't so sweet

Melainie Duckworth
Opinion Piece Regional News Website


Growing up in one place can leave you disillusioned to the local problems. After moving away from my home state, I realized the serious problems ingrained in the people and culture of my home state. Hearing the viewpoint of outsiders really opened my eyes to the sad reality instead of the rose-colored glasses viewpoint.

Adopting A Special Needs Puppy

Melainie Duckworth
Blog Post Barkswell Dog Blog


Adopting a puppy is a huge commitment of time and love. This story explores a first-hand account of struggles that can arise with a new pet and how I coped with it. We are all happy and healthy now.

Underlying Danger of a Medical Laboratory Shortage

Melainie Duckworth
Article Medical Laboratory Blog


There is a crisis brewing in the medical field that most people will not see until it is too late. As CMS attempts to open the doors for unqualified personnel in high complexity lab testing, patients will inevitably suffer. This blog post points out the dangers of hospitals lacking qualified medical laboratory employees and how to resolve it.

Commentary from a Pregnant Medical Laboratory Scientist

Melainie Duckworth
Blog Post Medical Laboratory Blog


In this personal story, I document my issues with working as a pregnant scientist in a hospital lab. Many people do not realize the struggles that a healthcare worker must face while pregnant. Trying to stay healthy without inducing preterm labor from being overworked is a serious issue in an understaffed lab, as well. It is important for lab management to consider these issues with pregnant workers.

Microbiomes in Human Health: The Future of Biomedical Science

Melainie Duckworth
Research Paper Medical Research Paper


With all of this evidence accumulating on the importance of microbiomes, the study of pathophysiology needs to take a closer look at microbiomes of the human body and integrate these findings with treatment of diseases. The future of microbiome research has many opportunities available, and this analysis of microbiome studies and the resulting implications prove the importance of understanding human microbiomes in relation to disease states and applying information obtained from microbiome research.

Interdisciplinary Research in Microbial Agroecology Provides Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture

Melainie Duckworth
Research Proposal Research Paper


There has been a more recent trend in agriculture to provide for solutions that will be better over time for humanity and the environment. The interdisciplinary collaboration of microbial agroecology may be new but there has been a great deal of progress towards the goal of sustainable agriculture. How can these research findings be applied to sustainable agriculture, and will it make much of a difference? The collaborative research of microbiology and agroecology has found solutions to providing sustainable agricultural practices that need to be implemented for reducing agricultural pollution and the world hunger crisis in developing countries.

In The Lab

While I no longer work in a laboratory, I am available for consultations and short term contracts.

At My Office

Although my work day is not set in stone, I can usually be reached during normal business hours corresponding to the Central Time zone. Please don’t hesitate to send me a message via email or social media any time. I will try to respond expediently.

Contact hours:
Weekday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, after hours - by request
Weekend: Appointment only